Queen's Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science

In 2008, I began consulting for Dr. Kimberly Woodhouse, the then Dean of Queen's Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science.

In 2009, She asked me to join her in a full-time position and establish the Faculty's Marketing and Communications Unit. In the 11 years I spent there, I was solely responsible for the Faculty's marketing and communications and implemented many successful projects (to find out more, visit the About section.

A program I created early on in my tenure that was very successful was the creation of a Media Squad of faculty students to produce video blogs, content development, social media marketing, podcast, e-newsletter, and augmented reality installations. I would hire incoming first-year students each year, who the current media squad members would then train.

The program was a vital driver of my brand positioning for the Faculty. The Queen's Engineering students were complete engineers, well-rounded students with skill sets and creativity beyond traditional math and science. Each piece of content they produced was proudly branded "Made by Queen's Engineering Students."

The squad's content played very well across a broad spectrum of audiences, from prospective students and their parents, alums and funding bodies to the general public.

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